Unique Markings is a site dedicated to horse lovers around the world.

We are a family, friendly site, created by two teenagers; both whom love horses.
We've taken our knowledge and put it into this site to enlighten more people about
horses and how unique they are as individuals. On this website we offer a forum
for you to chat with others, a photo album for you to share your pictures, there are
polls you can take, contests you can win and so much more.
Waddup. Name is Yoshi,
and I am one of the wonderful admins of
this site. I am by far the most fabulous, with
a pet turtle, who's name is Nemo. I adore
animals, except the creepy crawly kind...
But I love dogs, cats, turtles, and horses.
Heeey. I'm Ana one of the creators of this
site. I'm a animal lover of all kinds, I've
recently had an obsession with tree frogs
and snakes. I have the most immature, rude
and intriguing potbelly pig named Squiggles.
I enjoy informing people about animals, which
is why I am here.
Created: December 20th, 2011.
Published: ---
Creators: Anaconda & Yoshi.