The baroque horse is a wide range of breeds that are descended from the middle aged horses. They are strong, well muscled with defined structures as well as coats, and very agile, often sporting in Dressage and other english events.
AppyThe Appaloosa Horse is reconized by it wide range of coat colors and patterns, often being a more spotted breed. Solid coats can occur, but the horse will carry the striped hooves, just like all the Appaloosa horses do. There are three main coat patterns, those being the leopard; a white base with spots raning all over the body, blanket; a solid color with a white blanket over the rump and dark spots occuring over the white, and roan; a mixture of white hairs with the base coat color. This particular breed can range from 14.2 to 16.1 hands, and are generally all-around horses.