The warmbloods have a very large and specific selection of breeds, descending from the middle-weight type horses, originating primarily from Europe. Their features are easily distiguished from the draft horses and saddle horses. A warmblood has long legs, arched neck, and convex profile with a solid yet agile structure.
Iberian Warmblood
This particular breeds can be traced back as an ancestor to several common breeds and is also considered one of the oldest known breeds having the bloodline of the Sorraia in it. The Iberian Warmblood stands from 15 to 17.0 hands and can come in any color, including the appaloosa and paint patterns. They are very strong for being a agile breed, and excell in most english sporting events. Their long legs and deep strides make them a particular interest for dressage competitors as well as there variety of coat colors and smart mind, making them easy to train.