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Yoshi's Subjects
YoshiDate: Sunday, 2012-01-08, 10:52 AM | Message # 1
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g e n e v i e v e

gender: mare
age: 1 year 9 months
breed: camargue
rank: herd member
personality: kind-hearted and motherly. however, her attitude does have a few perks in the stubborn and aggressive department, however all outbursts are intended for a purpose or it fits the current time
description: 13.3hh white cama mare. mane and tail are long, and both a sleek grey compared to her pearly coat. her muzzle is accented with an adorable pink dye, along with large, brown eyes.
offspring: awaiting
mate: n/a
other: currently 11months into pregnancy

m a s o n

gender: stallion
age: 5 years
breed: caspian
rank: rogue
personality: very outgoing and curious, independent and courageous when it comes to meeting new herds and horses. open minded and enjoys spending time with others and their opinions
description: 12hh bay caspian stallion. his mane and tail are long and very flowy, and his bay coat stands out wonderfully out in the sun. other then faint black socks on each leg, no other markings are visible
offspring: n/a
mate: n/a
other: wondering around the large pasture in search of other herds

Added (2012-01-08, 10:52 AM)
a a r o n

gender: male
age: 7 years
rank: alpha male
power: exceptional eye-sight
personality: seems to be unconcerned about anything that goes on around him, however he knows much more then it seems. quiet nature, that can be flipped into rather obnoxiousness. he can be rather romantic, at some points, and isn't afraid to show public affection to his mate.
description: enormous, bear-like features, however aaron still surprisingly looks the appearance of a wolf. he's got a cream, lion-mane around his scruff to his shoulders, and tiger-like marking about his muscular body. not a force to deal with.
mate: katina
offspring: n/a
other: his sight is very unique and high-tweaked, enabling him to see just the slightest movements, whether it be nearby, or several yards away. almost like an eagle.

a i d a n

gender: female
age: 2 and a bit
rank: pack member
power: healing
personality: insecure and judgmental towards herself, the female has low self esteem and tends to keep to herself alot.
description: petite, black wolf, with thin, stick-like legs and a frail looking body. holds herself low and cat-like, however very unsure of her self-being.
mate: n/a
offspring: n/a
other: her healing abilities are very weak, only able to mend to the smallest of cuts and bruises. she is working on strengthening them, and it seems to be working...slowly. she is unable to heal herself, oddly, and it seems to be of a curse brought upon with the power.

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